Sestak Wants Specter To Make His Case

FOXWIRE: Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., is mulling whether he should oppose Democratic leaders and possibly challenge Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., in next year's Democratic primary.
Many Democrats embraced Specter's party switch. But Sestak, whose name was mentioned as a potential Specter challenger had he remained a Republican, is considering his options.
"I haven't made my decision," the second-term House member told FOX News. "And I love my job."
But Sestak is predicating his decision on things Specter may do or say in the coming days. Sestak says he wants to hear Specter make his case to Pennsylvania voters about why he should now carry the banner for Democrats after representing the Keystone State as a Republican for 29 years
"I can't say that he shouldn't be (the nominee)," said Sestak. "I just don't know. It's wait and see. If he's got it, that's great."
Sestak expressed some concern that Specter's decision to abandon the GOP came after consultation between the senator and the Senate Democratic leadership. Sestak noted that Pennsylvania was left out of the equation.
"Washington should have input. But we're not asking Washington to dictate," Sestak said. "At the end of the day, that decision is not Washington's."
Sestak is a retired Navy Vice-Admiral and is the highest ranking former military officer ever elected to Congress. He's suggested that Specter's decision to morph into a Democrat was based on political opportunism.
"It was exciting yesterday," Sestak said of Specter's switch. "But tomorrow doesn't mean it's determined by today."