Michelle Obama's Got the Bee's Knees

 In a burst of Thursday afternoon sunshine, First Lady Michelle Obama joined a gaggle of young kids and completed phase two of the brand new White House Garden on the South Lawn.
  Students from Bancroft Elementary, the very school that participated in the groundbreaking of the garden on March 20th, joined the first lady and got their hands dirty.
 Obama seemed proud of their work; turning to the press and offering, "Isn't it nice?" When someone noted the hard work involved, Mrs. Obama replied, "This was easier than ripping the grass up."
 Buzzing nearby while the group toiled away was another new addition to the culinary resources of the White House; a beehive. Apparently one of the White House's carpenters is a bee enthusiast, if you will. He loaned the White House some bees to produce honey...a "substantial amount," we're told. Charlie the carpenter's keeping the bees. The first family's keeping the honey.
 Phase three of the garden's inauguration will be the most fun: eating!