Report: Obama Changed His View on Gay Marriage

A 1996 questionnaire shows that Barack Obama changed his view on same-sex marriage, the Chicago media outlet Windy City Times reports.

The newspaper -- Chicago's oldest gay and lesbian publication -- posted a copy of the document on its Web site Wednesday, claiming that Obama stated his support for gay marriage in a questionnaire answered during the 1996 Illinois Senate race.

The questionnaire was distributed by the Outlines newspaper to all candidates seeking an elected office that year, the Web site reports.

The president-elect reportedly wrote on the survey that, "I favor legalizing same-sex marriage" -- a statement that runs contrary to Obama's stance during the presidential campaign, during which he expressed his opposition to gay marriage but support for civil unions.

During an Aug. 16 faith forum held by prominent evangelical Rev. Rick Warren, Obama defined marriage as "a union between a man and woman."

Obama told Warren that he did support same-sex civil unions, saying, "I can afford those civil rights to others even if I don't have...that view."

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