2. "Big Brother 9," CBS. In another writers'-strike-related disaster, CBS aired the first regular-season outing of its summer-filler show "Big Brother." Perhaps to draw new viewers, the producers selected the youngest group of houseguests ever (the only middle-aged contestant was a former Penthouse model) and paired each one with a "soul mate." If the latter twist was designed to provoke some action, it was unnecessary, thanks largely to an emotionally needy, exhibitionistic housemate named Natalie, who led her fellow inmates in a night of stripping, lap dancing, and topless hot-tub making out that set a new low standard for this always smarmy show. (Sadly, the footage could only be seen on CBS's cable affiliate "Showtime" or online.) Proving that irony isn't dead, Natalie later nicknamed her in-house alliance Team Christ.