10 Favorite Billy Mays Products

From OxiClean to the Awesome Auger.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_oxi.jpg
    In perhaps his most famous promotion, Mays proclaimed the amazing "power of OxiClean," a stain remover and detergent.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_mightymendit.jpg
    "It happens! You rip, tear, never have time for repair," Mays exclaimed, marketing this glue product which mends fabrics together, replacing the need for needle and thread.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_orangeglo.jpg
    "Hi, Billy Mays here," Mays introduced America to Orange Glo, the hardwood floor cleaner.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_awesomeauger.jpg
    Mays presented Awesome Auger, "the world's most efficient and powerful yard tool you'll ever use!"

  • 0629091101_M_062909_mightyputty.jpg
    According to Mays, the Mighty Putty creates an "everlasting bond," mending common household items.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_herculeshook.jpg
    Mays declared the Hercules Hook as "one of the fastest and easiest ways to hang just about anything."

  • 0629091101_M_062909_bigcityslider.jpg
    Mays showed off his cooking side with the Big City Slider, "the fast and easy way to press and cook delicious sliders."

  • 0629091101_M_062909_fliesaway.jpg
    "You swat! You shoo! You spray! But those flies still don't go away," Mays announced. He presented the Flies Away insect repellant, perfect for keeping flies at bay.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_simonizfixit.jpg
    "Uh oh! That'll leave a mark!" Mays demonstrated the Simoniz Fix It!, a product designed to repair scratches and nicks on cars.

  • 0629091101_M_062909_whatodor.jpg
    "Are you tired of using sprays that only mask odors?" Mays asked viewers with his What Odor? spray, designed to eliminate odors.