Baffling: Girl, 16, Resembles Toddler

  • 0625091216_M_3smallgirl450.jpg
    Brooke Greenberg (seen here with her sister Carly, age 13) is 16-years-old, but resembles a toddler and is unable to speak.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_2smallgirl450.jpg
    In this picture, Brooke is 8 and Carly is 5.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_smallgirl450.jpg
    Brooke at age 12, with Carly, who is 9 at the time of this photo.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_4smallgirl450.jpg
    Brooke with sisters Caitlyn and Carly.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_450_BrookeSister.jpg
    Brooke at age 3, with younger sister Carly, 1.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_450_BrookePersonality.jpg
    Sisters - Caitlin, 4; Emily, 8; and Brooke, 1.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_450_BrookeParty.jpg
    Brooke's 12th birthday with sisters Caitlin, 15; Emily, 18; and Carly, 9; and mom Melanie Greenberg.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_450_BrookeInfant.jpg
    Brooke at 13 with her younger sister Carly, 10.

    Greenberg Family
  • 0625091216_M_350_BrookeBaby.jpg
    Brooke at 3-years-old.

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