30 Hottest Over-30 Beach Bods

  • 0615091709_M_Chloe_Sevigny_450.jpg
    Chloe Sevigny in Miami beach in bikini Nov16, 2008 X17online.com exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Pam_Anderson_450.jpg
    Pamela Anderson puts on her Sunday best as shje strolls down the beach with some friends. May 24, 2009. X17online.com exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Matthew_McConaughey_450.jpg
    Matthew McConaughey is still having a party but this time he is with none other then Carson Daly and Cole Hauser! Camila and Levi join him on the beach and take a walk. May 24, 2009. X17online.com exclusive

  • 0616090929_M_30_shauna_450.jpg
    Lorenzo Lamas' ex-wife Shauna Sand, 37, has made showing off her beach body her career. Nice work if you can get it. MORE: Click for extra pics of Shauna Sand at x17online.com.

  • 0615091709_M_Mario_Lopez_450.jpg
    Mario Lopez broke his promise not to be shirtless again, here in Long Beach on the set of Nip/Tuck with Julian McMahon Oct 1, 2008 x17online.com exclusive

  • 0616090931_M_30_gosselin450.jpg
    Mother of eight Kate Gosselin, 34, made headlines when she revealed her bikini bod.

  • 0615091709_M_Owen_Wilson_450.jpg
    Owen Wilson went for a dip in the icy water of Malibu Dec 16, 2008 X17online.com EXCLUSIVE

  • 0615091709_M_Lisa_Rinna_450.jpg
    Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin on the beach June 29, 2008 X17online exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Cameron_Diaz_450.jpg
    Cameron Diaz in bikini on the beach in malibu July 14, 2007 X17online exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Barack_Obama_450.jpg
    Barack Obama, 47, has raised the bar on hotness for all future presidents.

  • 0615091709_M_Janice_Dickinson_450.jpg
    Janice Dickinson showing off her body in Maui, going sailing April2, 2008 X17online exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Jamie_Pressley_450.jpg
    Jaime Pressly shows her bikini bod on the beaches on Mexico. May 25, 2009. X17online.com EXCLUSIVE

  • 0615091709_M_Melissa_Joan_Hart_450.jpg
    Melissa Joan Hart, 33, showed off her amazing post-baby bod on the cover of People Magazine.

  • 0615091709_M_Lance_Armstrong_450.jpg
    Lance Armstrong goes shirtless outside Kate Hudson house July 5, 2008 X17online EXCLUSIVE

  • 0615091709_M_Mariah_Carey_450.jpg
    Mariah Carey showed off her bikini body while celebrating her 39th birthday with husband Nick Cannon.

  • 0615091709_M_Valerie_Bertanelli_450.jpg
    Valerie Bertinelli's body is looking better than ever at the age of 49.

  • 0615091709_M_Liz_Hurley_450.jpg
    Liz Hurley, 44, bared her insanely incredibly bod for the Mango swimwear campaign.

  • 0615091709_M_Nicollette_Sheridan_450.jpg
    Nicollette Sheridan's amazing body definitely does not look like that of a 45-year-old.

    Pacific Coast News
  • 0615091709_M_Cindy_crawford_450.jpg
    At 43, Cindy Crawford's body is as flawless as ever.

    Pacific Coast News
  • 0615091709_M_Ashton_Kutcher_450.jpg
    Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl on set of 'Five Killers' in Antibes, Southern France on April 04, 2009. Of course, Demi Moore showed up on set to supervise. X17online.com exclusive USA ONLY AUSTRALIA ONLY

  • 0615091709_M_Geri_Halliwell_450.jpg
    Geri Halliwell is seen spending a sunny day at club 55 with friends in Saint-Tropez, France on August 7, 2007.X17online exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Denise_Richards_450.jpg
    Denise Richards in Maui, hawaii with pink hat has fun on the beach April 24, 2008 X17online exclusive

  • 0615091709_M_Naomi_Campbell_450.jpg
    EXCLUSIVE - Model Naomi Campbell with her boyfriend whom she hugs kisses and even sucks his lip whilst on holiday in St Tropez, south of France, on July 27, 2008. Photo by X17online.com EXCLUSIVE USA and Australia ONLY

  • 0615091709_M_Jen_Aniston_450.jpg
    Jennifer Aniston, 40, has a body that most 20-year olds would kill for.

  • 0615091709_M_Jenny_Mccarthy_450.jpg
    Bikini babe Jenny McCarthy on the beach in Malibu with Jim Carrey filming a kid video August 11, 2008 X17online.com EXCLUSIVE

  • 0615091709_M_Faith_Hill_450.jpg
    Faith Hill, 41, has abs to kill for.

  • 0615091709_M_Julia_Louis_Dryfus_450.jpg
    Julia Louis Dreyfus, 48, had everyone stunned by her amazing figure when she posed for the cover of Shape.

  • 0615091709_M_Bridget_Marquardt_450.jpg
    Former Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt may have been the oldest of Hef's girlfriends at 35, but her body is just as amazing as all the younger bunnies.

    Travel Channel
  • 0616091407_M_Reese_Witherspoon_450.jpg
    Reese Witherspoon in bikini on the beach playing ball in the water. June 4, 2006 X17agency EXCLUSIVE

  • 0615091709_M_Ryan_Phillippe_450.jpg
    Surfing adept Ryan Phillippe coming back from the beach in Venice where he went surfing. The young star married with Reese Witherspoon spends a lot of time by himself at a small apartment in Venice. August 4, 2005 X17agency EXCLUSIVE