The Little Rockers

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    Dan Bailey currently works on "FOX & Friends" as a production assistant. He graduated from Fairfield University in 2008 with a double major in film and jazz studies. Before joining FOX, Dan worked as a documentary filmmaker on such projects as "Try It On Everything" (Google it) and several collaborations with Jon Anderson, singer of the rock band Yes. His musical influences include Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny and Jeff Beck among many others, and he hopes to someday be relevant enough to have his own article on Wikipedia.

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    Keith Wilson's day job is a field audio engineer. He has clipped a microphone to everybody from Henry Kissinger to Bill Murray to Elmo. Keith's been playing guitar since high school. He started playing by sneaking time on his older brother's guitar without him knowing about it. He started his first band while in college at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!). His favorite music is just about anything that comes out of New Orleans (especially the Meters and Radiators), and he's one of the few people who prefers Stax to Motown and the Stones to the Beatles. In addition to the Little Rockers, Keith also plays in various bands that play around NYC. His favorite Little Rocker moment was probably backing Jimmy Thackery (he never thought he'd get to play with a guy who he used to go see when he was in college). When he's not performing live music, Keith's usually out seeing live music.

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    Bob Higgins is a freelance writer at Fox News Channel who's still pinching himself after playing guitar with the legendary James Burton and drums with the equally legendary Dion. Other highlights include performing with Clay Walker, Aaron Tippin, and Collin Raye, not to mention superstars Chris Squire and Alan White of "Yes". Thanks Gov! He also is a songwriter, having released a CD called "Have U Met U" under his middle name, Desmond, available on iTunes and at Bob has been to Nashville several times to record his music, and hopes to write songs professionally some day.

    Bob Higgins
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    Joey Salvia is a producer for FOX News Radio. He writes and performs parodies, original theme songs, and also engineers the sound of "Brian And The Judge." He once sang a song for Gretchen Carlson, and also wrote and performed songs on the spot live on "FOX & Friends." He considers himself a songwriter first; everything else he does is second. He has seven commercial releases and is working on his eighth, due out this year. He plays several instruments, but the bass is his main axe! Although, he is happy to jump on guitar or even a pair of spoons, being Gov. Huckabee already has the bass covered! Visit Joey's Web site• Follow Joey on Twitter

    Joey Salvia
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    Stefanie is a web producer at FOX News Channel, currently responsible for finding and creating the blog content you see on 'Team Washington' and 'On the Scene'. In addition, she can often be found picking the brains of FOX talent and more for video features on Stefanie's love of music began at the age of nine with then-resented weekly piano lessons and singing in her school choir. Wanting to learn more about music, she started playing guitar at 16. During her time as a student at the University of Miami in Miami, FL, Stefanie formed a band and began playing her original music at venues in South Florida. Since moving to New York City last year, she continues writing music with an all new band and can be seen performing at shows in NYC and surrounding areas.• Visit Stefanie's MySpace page

    Stefanie Smith
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    Jennifer made a recent move to New York from California, and works at the FOX News Channel in the Creative/Graphics department. She started singing at the age of four, and has not stopped since. Music is her number one passion and saving grace! Some of her musical background includes performing and competing in various venues like the House of Blues and Edison Field, as well as, collaborating and recording with numerous music artists across genres.

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    Cody is anchor of "Happy Hour" on FOX Business Network and is a songwriter and guitarist for his band, Muddy Souls. He's been playing guitar since he traded in his Nintendo for a beaten up Washburn in Brenham, TX in 1992. He mostly listens to full albums (death to the shuffle!) from any artist that came out before 1981. But not exclusively, as his influences are Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Ministry, Woodie Guthrie, lots of other classic rock and some more Neil Young. Visit Muddy Soul's MySpace page

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    Dominic edits reporter voiceovers with matching video to tell/present a story and make it visually entertaining . He also edits graphic-intense show opens to keep viewers from changing channels! :) He began playing drums at 10 (DOB 01-19-83, please send gifts! They get slimmer and slimmer every year!), after a failed attempt on the alto saxophone. His senior year of high school he was the drum major and conducted 185 musicians marching in a Disney World parade, all while in a conductor's tuxedo (tails, white gloves; think Mickey Mouse in Fantasia). Funny fun fact: He is deathly allergic to bees and keeps epinephrine at the office. He found out the hard way hiking in Ithaca once. It wasn't funny at the time, but now, yes, he finds it amusing.