Weird and Wacky Fashion at the Met Gala

  • 0505091127_M_Bad_Met_Gala12.jpg
    Tyra Banks, we didn't want to be the ones to tell you, but your hair kind of looks like a pile of, eh nevermind. Hey, that's a pretty dress!

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala13.jpg
    Madonna: It's not easy to pull off backless boots and a dress that was probably too small even back in 1985. But with the help of a polyester duck atop her head, Madonna does it with unsurpassed tackiness.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala1.jpg
    Shalom Harlow and Amber Valletta: Ebony and Canary, Ivory's distant cousin.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala5.jpg
    Leighton Meester goes for the 1980s, circus-clown-chic look and does it well. (Are those wigwams on her high heels?)

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala2.jpg
    Kirsten Dunst's dress begs the question: Why is this girl allowed to attend any fashion events? it's just an ugly dress that we can't even think of a joke for.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala.jpg
    Victoria Beckham: Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of designing your dress for the 8th grade dance? Well if your Posh Spice, dreams can come true. You too can add an out-of-place train to the polka dot dress your mom made you buy at Sears, flawlessly showcasing your still bony shoulders. And with a little hair gel, an awkward date and some jigamarees added to the heels of your shoes, you're sure to be the coolest girl in the cafeteria. Ah, the good life.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala3.jpg
    In case you didn't believe, Molly Sims proves that with a little lame and a bedazzler, anything is possible.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala4.jpg
    Katy Perry gets ready for the ball aboard the Starship Enterprise.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala6.jpg
    Only in Hollywood would pretending to be a nerd, a la Justin Timberlake with slicked hair and thick rimmed glasses, be considered cool.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala7.jpg
    Mary Kate Olsen in a page from the Meryl Streep book of fashion.

  • 0505091037_M_Bad_Met_Gala16.jpg
    Rihanna: Cropped sateen pants? Puffed sleeves? Blonde highlights? OJ gloves? The LOLs are killing us, really.