10 Surprising Celebrity Admissions

Who knew?

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    Jennifer Coolidge: Because I'm big, it doesn't look like I can run fast. But I can run really fast. When I was a waitress, and this guy ran out on my tab, and I had all the drinks in my hand, I ran with all the drinks and caught him and he couldn't believe it. He's like, "that fat girl just...!" he couldn't believe that I caught him. And also, I'm a slob. When I valet my car I'm just really embarrassed about all the crap in my car.

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    Kim Kardashian: I love to bake, especially cupcakes. I'm really good at it. I'm also obsessed with Q-tips; I use them, minimum, five times a day.

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    Debi Mazar: (left) I have about 6,000 olive trees and I actually make my own olive oil. Debra Messing: (right) I can juggle, I learned it in graduate acting school at NYU when I got my masters degree, we had a circus class, and I can also do the trapeze! And I'm obsessed with pens! Fountain pens, specifically fountain pens, so if anybody you know who's reading wants to send me fountain pens, I love them! The bold nib, not the fine nib, the bold nib! It's an obsession.

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    Mandy Moore: I'm pretty double jointed, can do a few weird things...

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    Christian Siriano: I'm really good at winter sports. I'm really obsessed with and good at ice-skating. Everything else, I'm cliché. I like the gayest music.

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    Aubrey O'Day: During college I traveled the world. I've worked with Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela, I've met the Dalai Llama, I've been to the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. I loved Vietnam and I loved bungee jumping in South Africa.

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    Eliza Dushku: I'm addicted to third and fourth class traveling. It's fun to get glammed up and do the Hollywood thing, but I love checking out to, like, a city in inner Mongolia, and I'm heading to Uganda soon. I just need to hear people share their stories or else I get so caught up.

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    Jessica Stroup: I'm insanely flexible in the back and can do that weird shaky thing with my eyes. I cross my eyes then make one of the eyeballs go the other way – I scare a lot of people with that.

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    Tila Tequila: I am really really into politics; it's my next career move. Everyone thinks I'm dumb but I'm not. I plan to run for Governor one day.