Non-Useful Non-Lethal Weapons

Five devices that slaughter only tax dollars

  • 0427091454_M_ads_truck.jpg
    The Active Denial System or 'pain ray,' which works well -- as long as you let it warm up for 16 hours.

    Dept. of Defense
  • 0427091454_M_mds_van.jpg
    The Pentagon's Mobility Denial System, basically slippery foam, lets a van spin its wheels while going nowhere. Unfortunately, it also requires a steady supply of water.

    Dept. of Defense
  • 0427091454_M_fn303_gun.jpg
    The FN-303 non-lethal projectile launcher in use by Marines in Afghanistan in 2007. The GAO report found it fell apart easily, and its compressed-air canister were hard to keep supplied.

    Dept. of Defense
  • 0427091454_M_dazzler_truck.jpg
    A truck-mounted laser dazzler. It temporarily blinds unruly mobs -- but can permanently blind the GIs operating it or standing nearby.

    ArmorCorp LLC
  • 0427091454_M_taser_x26.jpg
    The Taser X26, which can zap people by launching wired projectiles 35 feet -- but can't be used around flammable materials or in the rain.

    TASER International