Your Cheating Heart...

10 celebrity relationship wreckers

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_angie450.jpg
    Angelina Jolie claimed she never slept with Brad Pitt until after he was divorced from Jennifer Aniston. Uh huh. Right.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_camillabelle450.jpg
    Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift by text message and was out and about with Camilla Belle, like, the next hour. Could one be connected to the other? Strong possibility.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_cmaillabowles450.jpg
    Prince Charles was audiotaped saying all sorts of lurid things to Camilla Parker Bowles after he and Princess Diana separated, but before she died. From the looks of their hats, these two deserve each other.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_evan450.jpg
    Evan Rachel Wood reportedly sunk her little claws into Marylin Manson when she was 19 and he was still married to Dina von Teese. Dita was not amused, and left him.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_gisele450.jpg
    Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady started dating after he broke up with Bridget Moynahan, so she didn't technically steal him away. But a couple months later came the big news - Moynahan was pregnant with Tom's baby! Tom did not return to his baby's mama, and married his new model girlfriend instead, so this one still kind of counts.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_jlo450.jpg
    Soon after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went belly up, she found solace in the arms of Marc Anthony, a former beau, who up and left his wife (a former Miss Universe) and two kids and married the Latin lovely. Ay carumba!

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_madonna450.jpg
    Alex Rodriguez's wife Cynthia said in divorce papers she was leaving her baseball star husband in part because of his "affair of the heart" with Madonna. Even though it may have just been his heart involved, it apparently still counts.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_maples450.jpg
    Donald Trump left his first wife Ivana for Marla Maples. He had a son with Marla, and then divorced her. Now he's with wife number three. She might want to keep him on a short leash.

  • 0423091336_M_cheat_sienna450.jpg
    Sienna Miller was engaged to Jude Law when he admitted to cheating on her - with the nanny of his three children by Sadie Frost. Miller went on to sleep with TV actor Balthazar Getty a few years later, who was married with four children at the time. She may have been getting some cheating revenge.

  • 0423091336_M_oksana2_450.jpg
    Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva is reportedly Mel Gibson's mistress. He may lose half his fortune - over $450 million - in his divorce. Worth it?