'Real Housewives' Scandals

In between shopping and charity, drama ensues

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    OC Housewife Gretchen Rossi is suing celeb gossip site TheDirty.com for posting pics of the blonde bombshell in a bikini on the toilet, and of her topless riding shotgun in a car. The case is still pending, and Gretchen is likely still taking trashy pics of herself. On the toilet (really?).

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    Like Rossi, New York housewife Alex McCord also had a nudie pics scandal, when photos by photographer Mike Boyd of the star nude topped only with a Mardi Gras mask surfaced. While she has dismissed the photos and called them a "non-issue," Boyd says he has received threatening emails and phone calls from McCord's lawyers - even though she signed a release. Classy.

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    Kelly Killoren Bensimon is shaping up to be queen of the housewives scandals in New York. The 40 year old model/journalist was recently arrested for allegedly beating up her boyfriend. Then claims surfaced that she stole designs for her jewelry line without credit. Not to mention her near-throwdown with co-star Bethenny Frankel. Me-owww.

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    New York cast member Countess LuAnn De Lesseps was at the receiving end of a scandal - and a painful one at that - when her husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps revealed to her that he was leaving her for a member of Ethiopian royalty. The shocking news came just one month before LuAnn was to release her new book "Class With the Countess." We'll refrain from the obvious jokes here.

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    Scandal-ridden Atlanta housewife Kim Zolciak is perhaps the most talked about of all the housewives. First, there was talk as to who her married sugar daddy was, then it was about her music career being fake, followed by claims that she was really just 29 years old at the time the show aired (she was), as well as other fibs like saying she had cancer when she didn't and "forgetting" to pay her publicist. Kim's new man is reportedly perfect for her ... a plastic surgeon who helped invent wrinkle filler that was never approved by the FDA, but that he injected into his patient's faces anyway.

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    But Kim's scandals don't end there. And this one was so good, we had to give it it's own category. Turns out the buxom blonde had a sex scandal so big, she had to run to another state. When she was just 16, she began an affair with a local Conn. police sergeant, who was a 25 year veteran of the force. When news of the affair came out, it tipped off a department-wide investigation with allegations of secret tapings, sexual assaults and several cover-ups. Yikes.

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    Atlanta housewife Lisa Wu-Hartwell may seem like the picture of class and control, but the former wife of R&B legend Keith Sweat lost custody of her two children by Sweat, who refused to let them appear on the show.

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    Atlanta housewife Sheree Whitfield doesn't escape the ATL drama either. When she was 15, she gave birth to a daughter Tierra, who she doesn't even recognize as her child on the show. During taping, she publicly refers to the 23-year-old as merely "a close friend." Really, your own daughter Sheree?

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    Of all the Housewives' scandals, NeNe Leakes' garnered the most public attention, after news surfaced that she was to be evicted from her rental home, which she played off in the show as her own. Leakes and her husband Gregg reportedly owed more than $6G in back rent and more than $100,000 in backtaxes. And FOX News' affiliate MyFOXAtlanta did an expose on Gregg after he was sued by a property owner for renting to his friends, who failed to pay rent and even left human waste on the floor. Again we say, very classy.