10 Biggest Beauty Pageant Scandals

  • 0420091207_M_Tara_Conner_450.jpg
    Tara Connor, Miss USA 2006: Beautiful bubbly blond Tara Connor seemed like America's Sweetheart at first, but that pristine image was thoroughly tarnished when reports of her hardcore partying, cocaine use, and a smooch-fest with Miss Teen USA were revealed. Tara gave a tearful public apology and promised to clean up her act, which kept her from being de-throned.

  • 0420091207_M_Vanessa_Williams_450.jpg
    Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1983: Vanessa Williams was the first ever African American Miss America, but the victory was short-lived when Penthouse magazine published racy photos of the beauty taken several years prior. A humiliated Vanessa was forced to resign, but was able to triumph in the face of controversy with a highly successful career.

  • 0420091207_M_Ashley_Harder_450.jpg
    Ashley Harder, Miss New Jersey 2007: Ashley Harder was forced to turn in her crown after becoming pregnant, as the Miss USA rules don't allow contestants who are pregnant or have children.

  • 0420091207_M_Katie_Blair_450.jpg
    Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA 2006: Katie Blair came under fire after stories surfaced claiming she danced on tables and made out with Miss USA Tara Connor during a night of drinking and snorting cocaine. Tara took most of the heat for the incident, but Katie faced the wrath of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), who announced they would no longer use Katie as their spokeswoman against underage drinking. Yes, we can see why that might happen.

  • 0420091207_M_Crystak_Stewart_450.jpg
    Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008: Following in the clumsy footsteps of Rachel Smith, crowned Miss USA the year before, Crystle Stewart fell flat on her tush during the evening gown competition. Not exactly a scandal, but embarrassing nonetheless!

  • 0420091207_M_Katie_Rees_450.jpg
    Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA 2007: After compromising photos of Rees were posted on MySpace, she was forced to give back her crown. She found herself in hot water once again in 2008 after an altercation with a cop led to an arrest.

  • 0420091207_M_Marjorie_Wallace_450.jpg
    Marjorie Wallace, Miss World 1973: Marjorie was stripped of her title after less than four months due to behavior that was deemed inappropriate for a beauty queen, such as purported dalliences with high-profile men such as Tom Jones and George Best. For shame!

  • 0420091207_M_Oxana_450.jpg
    Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002: The official reason cited for for Oxana's dethroning was that she failed to perform duties espected of a Miss Universe. The beauty countered that the many responsibilities required of her interfered with her university studies. Good answer, no wonder she won!

  • 0420091207_M_Leona_Gage_450.jpg
    Leona Gage, Miss USA 1957: Leona was stripped of her crown one day after winning the contest when her mother-in-law revealed that she was married with two children and that her real age was 18, not 21, which was written her application.

  • 0420091207_M_Danielle_Lloyd_450.jpg
    Danielle Lloyd, Miss Great Britain 2006: Danielle was stripped of her title when it was revealed that she had posed for Playboy and had dated one of the judges during the time of the pageant. She is currently reportedly being sued for nearly $200,000 by pageant organizers, who claim that she has hurt the competition's reputation.