Biodiesel Everywhere

  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_pelosi.jpg
    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., holds a bottle of biodiesel fuel in Seattle in April 2007.

  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_willie.jpg
    Country-music legend Willie Nelson holds up the pump before filling his bus with Bio Willie Diesel Fuel at the Pearson Ford alternative fuel station in San Diego in February 2006.

  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_bottle.jpg
    A bottle of biodiesel in a 2001 file photo.

  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_buses.jpg
    Two biodiesel-powered buses at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Idaho National Laboratory/Department of Energy
  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_tank.jpg
    A tank of B20-blend biodiesel used to fuel vehicles owned by the city of Flagstaff, Ariz.

    City of Flagstaff
  • 0416091057_M_soybeans.jpg
    Soybeans, often used in producing biodiesel.

    Warren Gretz/Department of Energy
  • 0416091057_M_biodiesel_bus.jpg
    A bus that runs on soybean-sourced biodiesel.

    Nebraska Soybean Board