10 Meanest Perez Hilton Nicknames

So wrong? So right? You decide.

  • 0330091125_M_Kate_Moss_450.jpg
    10. Kate Moss = 'Cokate.' When your name is Kate, and your caught in a little, okay a big, cocaine scandal, what do you expect?

  • 0330091125_M_Kirsten_Dunst_450.jpg
    9. Kirsten Dunst = 'Kiki Drunkst.' Kirsten Dunst may be laying low these days, but her incessant past partying did not go unnoticed by Perez.

  • 0330091125_M_Zac_Efron_450.jpg
    8. Zac Efron = 'Zacquisha.' Zac never stood a chance. He's pretty, he sings, he dances, he likes bronzer. But hey, at least he got a nickname. Perez refers to Efron's girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, as 'Whatshername.' Proving the only thing worse than having a mean nickname, is not having one.

  • 0330091125_M_Jennifer_Aniston_450.jpg
    7. Jennifer Aniston = 'Maniston.' We don't quite get this one, but it sounds mean, as she is not a man, nor does she resemble one.

  • 0330091306_M_ashlee_450.jpg
    6. Ashlee Simpson = 'Asslee.' Hee hee.

  • 0330091125_M_Lindsay_Lohan_450.jpg
    5. Lindsay Lohan = 'Lezlo.' Lindsay's antics have earned her quite a few nicknames through the years (LOLhan, Loca Lohan, Linsanity, Lindsay Blohan). But since her tumultuous relationship with Samantha Ronson (aka saMAN), all the others have been abandoned in favor of 'Lezlo.'

  • 0330091125_M_Sienna_Miller_450.jpg
    4. Sienna Miller = 'Sluttyienna.' Sienna Miller's indiscriminate taste in men earned her this unshakeable nickname.

  • 0330091125_M_Mischa_Barton_450.jpg
    3. Mischa Barton = 'Mushy Farton.' Perez's disdain for fading "OC" star Mischa Barton is just too easy. We prefer it when he latches onto the powerful and hypocritical, not so much the also-rans.

  • 0330091125_M_Miley_Cyrus_450.jpg
    2. Miley Cyrus = 'Slutty Cyrus.' After some provocative images of Miley hit the web, Perez dubbed the Disney cash-cow 'Slutty Cyrus,' and he's sticking with it. She's 16 - come on now!

  • 0330091125_M_Rumer_Willis_450.jpg
    1. Rumer Willis = 'Potato Head.' It can't be easy having Demi Moore for a mom and Bruce Willis for a dad, a fact that Perez only exacerbates with his brutal attacks on Rumer's appearance, especially her head.