10 Crazy Reality Star Smack-Downs

  • 0310091329_M_Nikki_and_bianca_450.jpg
    Bianca Golden Vs. Nikki Blonsky. We may never knows what really transpired on that fateful day at an airport in Turks and Caicos when "Hairspray" actress Nikki Blonsky and "America's Next Top Model" alum Bianca Golden came to blows with an argument so intense that even their parents got in on the beatdown action. The cases against both girls have been dropped, and the only one still proceeding is against Nikki's dad who allegedly assaulted Bianca's mom. What a mess!

  • 0310091329_M_New_York_and_pumpkin_450.jpg
    New York Vs. Pumpkin. While the show "Flavor of Love" gave us tons of wild and outrageous moments, none will ever compare to the time when Pumpkin fired an impressive wad of spit right in New York's face. New York retaliated by pushing Pumpkin into the cameras and seemed intent on following through with her threats to beat up the spitting wonder until producers told her she would be kicked off the show.

  • 0310091329_M_Sharon_and_megan_450.jpg
    Sharon Osbourne Vs. Megan Hauserman. In an ironic twist, Sharon Osbourne, the host of VH1's "Rock of Love Charm School," is being investigated after allegedly giving one of the former unruly contestants, Megan Hauserman, a serious beat down during the reunion show. The altercation started when Megan stated the only reason Sharon was famous was for managing Ozzy, whom she referred to as "a brain-dead rock star." Sharon, in turn, flew into a blind rage and is now paying a hefty price and facing a lawsuit.

  • 0310091329_M_Danny_Bonaduce_450.jpg
    Danny Bonaduce Vs. Johnny Fairplay. At the Fox Reality Awards in 2007, hot-headed disaster Danny Bonaduce hopped on stage, picked notorious "Survivor" contestant, Jonny Fairplay, and bodyslammed him on his face, leaving him bloody and toothless. Danny explained his actions on Adam Carolla's radio show saying he's "Always been bugged by Johnny."

  • 0310091329_M_saaphyri_450.jpg
    Saaphyri Vs. H-Town. Season 2 of "Flavor of Love" started off with a bang when feisty Saaphyri physically attacked H-Town, causing her to be eliminated before even receiving a stupid, nonsensical nickname.

  • 0310091329_M_Irene_and_Stephen_450.jpg
    Stephen Vs. Irene. The Seattle season of "Real World" may be long gone, but the slap heard round the world will never be forgotten. It started when Irene, who was leaving the house to deal with her lyme disease, called Stephen a homosexual. In retaliation, he threw one of her stuffed animals in the water, chased after her car, and slapped her across the face.

  • 0310091329_M_Spencer_Pratt_450.jpg
    Spencer vs. Spencer's Sister's Ex. Looks like Spencer Pratt will be taking his villainous ways up a notch for the newest season of "The Hills." The trailer for the fifth and final season shows Spencer getting into a bar brawl with his sister Stephanie's ex-boyfriend, Cameron Huston. Cameron is now suing MTV claiming that, surprise, surprise, the producers encouraged Spencer to start the fight.

  • 0310091329_M_bo_and_chad_450.jpg
    Chad Vs. Bo. On Season 2 of the train wreck known as "A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila'" Chad was riding on what would be better described as a shot of rage and was evicted for punching Bo smack on the chin.

  • 0310091329_M_Tina_and_Beth_450.jpg
    Tina Vs. Beth. "Road Rules" alum Tina (right) was promptly kicked off the "Real World/Road Rules" challenge after punching Beth ("Real World: LA") in the face - the culmination of endless bickering over nonsense.

  • 0310091329_M_Tiffany_450.jpg
    Tiffany Vs. Girl in Bar. On the first episode of "America’s Next Top Model" Season 3, a night of partying got a little out of hand and semifinalist Tiffany Richardson got into a fight with a girl at a bar, resulting in her dismissal from the show. She successfully re-auditioned for Season 4 where she received a verbal beat-down from Tyra upon her elimination on account of her bad attitude.