Top 5 Celebrity Endorsement Scandals

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    Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps lost his endorsement with Kellogg's cereal, as well as speaking engagements with IBM, after a photo of him taking a hit of marijuana from a bong surfaced in February.

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    Sharon Stone was dropped from all Christian Dior advertisements in China after she said that a devastating earthquake in the Sichuan province was "bad karma" over the country's treatment of the Dalai Lama.

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    The famous "Got Milk?" company dropped actress Mary Kate Olsen when she entered treatment for anorexia, while it was rumored that the eating disorder was merely a guise to mask treatment in a rehab facility.

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    Michael Jackson, once one of the most bankable stars, was not re-upped by Pepsi after he was accused of molesting a young boy in 1993, charges he vehemently denied.

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    In 2004, when Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault, the basketball star lost millions in endorsement deals, including McDonald's, Coke and Nike. Later, however, after his acquittal, Bryant returned to his star status.

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    Before Brown was even formally charged with beating up girlfriend Rihanna, he lost his endorsement deals with "Got Milk" and Wrigley's gum. Nickelodeon, while not an endorsement deal, has yet to drop Brown from consideration for a Kids' Choice Award.