Best Swimsuits for Your Shape

  • 0303091034_M_Intro-1-kushcush_450.jpg
    This hot Kushcush Mallory Strink Bikini, $160, would work well on an hourglass shape. Available at

  • 0303091034_M_Intro-2-tibi_450.jpg
    Tibi Natosha String Bikini, $190. Available at

  • 0303091034_M_Apple_swimsuit350.jpg
    This one-piece would give an apple shape sexy curves with its deep V style.La Blanca by Rod Beattie 'Roman Holidays Plunge Halter One-Piece, $117.Available at

  • 0303091034_M_Hourglass_swimsuit350.jpg
    This suit would balance out the curves and enhance the shape of an hourglass. Vix Solid Bikini, Top: $74; Bottom: $74. Available at

  • 0303091034_M_Pear_swimsuit350.jpg
    The full bottom on this suit would help conceal the flaws of a pear shape. Kushcush Diana Bikini, $170. Available at

  • 0303091034_M_Pencil_swimsuit.jpg
    This ruffle shape would help add some shape to a pencil. Kushcush Ruffle String Bikini, $130. Available at