Supermodel Marriages

How's that walk down God's runway goin'?

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    Christie Brinkley knows a few things about supermodel marriages, having burned through four of them. When she was at her supermodel-y heights, she wed piano man Billy Joel and starred in his "Uptown Girl" video, becoming one of the first supermodels to transition successfully to the music video genre.

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    Iman and gender-bending David Bowie have kept it going since 1992, an eternity for a supermodel marriage. Probably because they can share makeup.

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    Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere were even prettier than Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady! But their fairy tale marriage lasted just four years. He probably should have used Grecian Formula For Men. You have a supermodel wife - put in some effort, Gere-o!

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    Everyone thought it was going to be Gisele and Leo, but alas, that did not come to pass. The newly married Bundchen's real test will be when hubbie Tom Brady retires from football. Ex-football players are a notoriously unhappy and crotchety lot. Plus they get around like they're 80 years old. A good Rascal scooter might lend equanimity to the union.

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    Adrianne Curry won the first season of "America's Next Top Model," vaulting her into the popular consciouness. But nothing could have prepared the world for her choice of marriage material - the Brady Bunch's Peter Brady! Plus, they met on VH1's "Surreal Life," where, in one episode, he, and others, ate sushi off of her naked body. If there is a couple better made for reality TV, we haven't seen them. Go forth and multiply, you crazy kids.

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    Adriana Lima eloped with Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric this year on Valentine's Day. Lima has hinted on her MySpace page that she is with child: "There are rumors of me pregnant. I just cannot say...YET." Connecting some dots, we fear for this supermodel marriage! But of course wish them all the best.

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    Did you know Heidi Klum used to be married to some guy named Ric Pipino? It's true. Seal is her second husband. The couple is obviously family-focused, raising their two sons and her daughter with race car lothario Flavio Briatore (Wikipedia the guy - he's been linked to just about every supermodel known to man). We see Klum/Seal going the distance.

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    Paulina Porizkova met Cars singer Ric Ocasek on the set of his band's music video "Drive." That is how supermodel/musician relationships are supposed to start. That the supermodel and rock star get married, and stay married for 20 years, is not in the playbook.

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    You think supermodel Claudia Schiffer married magician David Copperfield sometime in the 1990s, don't you? We did. But she didn't. She married some film producer in 2002 who bought her a tortoise on their wedding day. Dated Copperfield, married tortoise guy. She must be really weird.