Conan Bits We Hope Make the Move to L.A.

May the road rise with you, Mr. O'Brien.

  • 0220091507_M_conan_bear_450.jpg
    The Masturbating Bear was frozen in carbonite on "Late Night" earlier this week, but escaped with the help of Carrie Fisher, and is at large.

    NBC/Late Night
  • 0220091507_M_conan_clutch_450.jpg
    Conan O'Brien's hilarious interviews with the talking mouths of inanimate celebrity TV heads are a Conan staple. We predict he brings them along to "the Tonight Show."

    NBC/Late Night
  • 0220091507_M_conan_manatee_450.jpg
    The Horny Manatees were like a flash of lightning in Conan's universe, too powerful to be contained, yet burning far too bright to last. We bid you adieu, ugly humping animals.
  • 0220091507_M_conan_mated_450.jpg
    "If They Mated" put two celebrity photos together to see what their progeny might look like. This one's a keeper.

    NBC/Late Night
  • 0220091507_M_conan_string_450.jpg
    On Tuesday's show, Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert had a "string dance"-off. Colbert won. We are worried.

    NBC/Late Night
  • 0220091507_M_conan_triumph_450.jpg
    If Triumph the Insult Comic Dog doesn't make the grade, at least we will always have him on DVD.

    NBC/Late Night