Weight Yo-Yo's: Stars Who Go Up and Down

  • 0127091059_M_weight_jess.jpg
    Jessica Simpson is no stranger to weight fluctuation. The 28-year old singer has gone from super slim to normal to pudgy and back again several times. Her most recent foray into Spanx territory came this week. We're thinking she does her US Weekly "how I lost 20 pounds in two months" cover in, oh, say, two months.

  • 0127091059_M_weight_jackson.jpg
    Janet Jackson started the supermarket tabloid trend of showing off a star's rapid weight loss with her now famous US Weekly cover in 2006. Remember? We know you do.

  • 0127091059_M_weight_rogen.jpg
    Seth Rogen went from pudgy stoner dude to svelte movie star over the course of a very special 2008. There is no way this self-described party boy stays zero-carb thin much longer.

  • 0127091059_M_weight_brit.jpg
    Britney Spears' much chronicled body has gone the full circle, from rock hard to post-baby to out-of-control Cheetos muncher all the way back to rock hard. An inspiration.

  • 0127091059_M_weight_hanks.jpg
    Tom Hanks is the classic male movie star. When he's not working, he eats and gets all fat and happy, but when its time to win that third Oscar, he's back to his skinny self. Can you say "personal trainer"?

  • 0127091059_M_weight_xtina.jpg
    Christina Aguilera's body bounces can be mostly attributed to her bouncing bundle of joy, Max. Plus, we think she looks tons better with some meat on her bones (and in a nice dress).

  • 0127091059_M_weight_hewitt.jpg
    Jennifer Love Hewitt pulled the triple PR coup of getting endless piles of press for some semi-pudgy beach pictures; more endless piles for saying she was fine with her beach semi-bloat; and even more piles when she did an about face and shed the offending flab. Wait - we just wrote about it again! She's a genius.