PHOTOS: Presidential Fitness

How the Commanders-in-Chief Stay Fit

  • 0122091048_M_Carter_jogging_1978_350.jpg
    December 13, 1978: Like many other past presidents, Jimmy Carter liked to run. He is shown here jogging around the south grounds of the White House.

  • 0122091048_M_Carter_Jogging_450.jpg
    June 15, 1988: Ten years later, Carter was still jogging to keep fit. He's shown here with three unidentified men jogging around Lafayette Park near the White House.

  • 0122091048_M_Reagan_horseback_450.jpg
    President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan preferred horseback riding to keep in shape. The couple is shown in this file photo riding horses on their Santa Barbara Ranch, known as Rancho Del Cielo. Horseback riding involves a lot more than just sitting. The rider uses many different muscles including the shoulders, triceps/biceps, abdominals, back, inner and outer thighs and back of the calf.

  • 0122091048_M_BushSR_golf_450.jpg
    Nov. 30, 1992: George H.W. Bush liked to hit the links to keep fit. He's shown in this file photo with first lady Barbara Bush along a fairway at the Cape Arundel Golf Course in Kennebunkport, Maine. The first Bush president also liked to jog, play tennis and pitch horseshoes.

  • 0122091048_M_Clinton_stretching_450.jpg
    December 29, 1996: Former President Bill Clinton was another commander-in-chief who preferred to lace up his sneakers and hit the pavement. He's shown here stretching near the Lincoln Memorial before taking a jog with some Secret Service agents.

  • 0122091048_M_Clinton_jogging_DC_350.jpg
    January 25, 1997: Former President Clinton, followed closely by a Secret Service agent, goes for an early morning jog.

  • 0122091048_M_Clinton_jogging_MV_350.jpg
    August 23, 1997: Clinton takes a four mile jog on the island of Martha's Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast. Unfortunately for Clinton, his love of fried food over-rode his love of jogging and the former prez needed a quadruple bypass in 2004. He gave up jogging after his operation and now takes long walks to stay in shape.

  • 0122091048_M_Bush_Jogging_Iowa_350.jpg
    May 17, 2001: Before pain in his knees kept him from jogging on a regular basis, former President George W. Bush spent a lot of time pounding the pavement. In this file photo, he waves while jogging in a Des Moines, Iowa.

  • 0122091048_M_Bush_Running_group_450.jpg
    October 27, 2002: Bush took time out to jog with Secret Service agents during the APEC Leader's annual meetings in Los Cabos, Mexico.

  • 0122091048_M_Bush_biking_350.jpg
    November 20, 2005: Bush traded in his running shoes for mountain biking about four years ago after knee pain kept him from jogging. Since then, he's been a devoted mountain bike rider, and regularly left the White House for rides on Saturday mornings or after church on Sundays.The former President, who maintained a six-day-a-week exercise regimen, said he has "found that exercise not only is a good excuse to get outdoors. It helps to relieve stress as well."

  • 0122091048_M_Obama_bball_suit_350.jpg
    May 4, 2008: President Obama loves to shoot hoops. He took time out from campaigning to hit the basketball court during an impromptu stop at Riverview Elementary School in Elkhart, Ind. "Most of my workouts have to come before my day starts," Obama told Men's Health magazine in an interview for its November 2008 issue. "There's always a trade-off between sleep and working out. Usually I get in about 45 minutes, six days a week. I'll lift one day, do cardio the next."

  • 0122091048_M_Obama_bball_1_350.jpg
    April 25, 2008: President Obama isn't afraid of a little competition on the court. He beat out Ja'Rob McCallum and Kory McKay to a loose ball during a 3 on 3 basketball game during a campaign stop in Kokomo, Ind.

  • 0122091048_M_OBAMA-BBALL_AP_350.jpg
    April 29, 2008: A few days later, University of North Carolina's Jack Wooten pressured President Obama during a basketball game in Chapel Hill, N.C. Obama loves the game so much, he told Men's Health magazine he would like to swap the White House bowling alley for an indoor basketball court.