Tyra and the 'Top Models' Diet Secrets

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    Sheena Santana, who confessed to a weakness for onion rings and Junior Whoppers, says she stays in shape by dancing in her underwear while blasting music.

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    Annaleigh Tipson, whose boyfriend is a personal trainer, says she likes kickboxing because it makes her feel "tough" and gets her off of the "boring" elliptical.

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    Cycle 6 winner and Covergirl spokesperson, Danielle ""Dani" Evans (right, shown with Nigel Barker [center] and Jaslene Gonzalez) keeps her slender body toned by using Pilates, but admitted that she likes to dance in front of her floor length mirror while listening to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." She also keeps her legs super shiny with an inexpensive tube of baby oil.

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    Model Furonda Brasfield attributes her figure to "good genes" and "lots of water." She also keeps busy by working with the Peace Corps and recently returned from South Africa.

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    The models certainly burned some calories at the Oxygen Media launch party by walking in the runway challenge and shaking their booties afterward!

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    Tyra has admitted to a weakness for fried foods and once told her critics to kiss her fat [expletive]!

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    Cycle 11 winner Whitney Thompson (the only plus size model ever to win) doesn't try to squeeze herself into a size 2, but does a lot of cardio (3 times a week), eats her veggies, drinks water and indulges in a cookie or two when she has a craving.

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    Cycle 10's Lauren Utter says her secret is just "being herself." Snore.