Seven Cool Gadgets

Best of Consumer Electronics Show

  • 0107091252_M_mind_flex_game.jpg
    This undated photo provided by Mattel Inc., shows Mattel's new toy, Mind Flex. This toy comes with a brain-scanning head set. Concentrate, and a fan spins up to levitate a ball. Relax your thoughts, and the ball descends. For a challenge, guide the ball through an 'obstacle course' of hoops.

  • 0107091252_M_nividia_3d_specs.jpg
    This undated photo provided by Nvidia Corp., a leading maker of graphics chips for computers, will be touting $199 glasses that turn compatible monitors into true three-dimensional displays, spicing up games like 'Far Cry 2,' 'Spore' and 'Left 4 Dead.'

    AP/Nvidia Corp.
  • 0107091252_M_lenovo_w700ds.jpg
    Jan. 6: Lenovo's dual-screen W700ds laptop unveiled at a press event at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now you can get even more screen real estate while on the road.

  • 0107091252_M_powermat_charger.jpg
    Jan. 6: Powermat, a wireless gadget charger, showcased at CES Unveiled, the official press event of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Forget about plugging in each and every gadget -- just drop it on the Powermat.

  • 0107091252_M_trispecs_shades.jpg
    Jan. 6: Trispecs sunglasses, which have wireless stereo headphones and Bluetooth headset functionality at CES in Las Vegas. Listen to your iPod and look stylish without wires.

  • 0107091252_M_robot_spyball.jpg
    Jan. 6: WowWee's Spyball, a Wi-Fi-enabled spycam robot, at the CES Unveiled press event in Las Vegas. Tell your nanny it's a kid's toy.

  • 0107091252_M_webcam_minoru.jpg
    Jan. 6: Minoru, a 3-D webcam from Novo, at the CES Unveiled press event in Las Vegas. Now you can see your grandparents in three dimensions.

  • 0107091252_M_flexicord_hdmi_cable.jpg
    This Flexicord HDMI cable at CES Unveiled doesn't do anything regular HDMI cables don't, but it does look cool.