Five Pretty Bad Live TV Gaffes

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    Joe Namath had had a few too many on December 20, 2003, when, during live ESPN coverage of a football game, he hit on ESPN broadcaster Suzy Kolber, saying "I want to kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team strugg-a-ling." He later apologized and entered an outpatient alcoholism treatment program.

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    Janet Jackson was performing for the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in 2004 when Justin Timberlake tore open her top, revealing her right breast. Jackson and Timberlake apologized, with Timberlake famously calling the accident a "wardrobe malfunction." The Federal Communications fined CBS $500,000 for the offending telecast, but lost its case in court.

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    CNN isn't the only cable news network to deal with an on-air controversy. Several MSNBC personalities had mini-meltdowns during the 2008 presidential elections, with "Countdown" anchor Keith Olberman muttering "get a shovel" under his breath while "Hardball" host Joe Scarborough was offering some mildly- pro-McCain opinions, to which Scarborough responded, "I mean, 'Get a shovel'? Keith, my God." This after Scarborough got into a previous on-air scuffle with MSNBC correspondent David Schuster over the impartiality of his journalism.

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    Local newscasters are no strangers to the occasional on-air "oops." In 2008, New York City NBC newscaster Sue Simmons yelled ""What the f--- are you doing?" at her co-host Chuck Scarborough as he was promoting an upcoming evening news story live on-air. Simmons was not on camera at the time, but her words came through loud and clear! When the two appeared live to read the evening news later that night, she apologized.

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    Lovable Diane Keaton dropped the "F-bomb" on "Good Morning America" in 2007 when she was promoting her movie "Mad Money." Refering to her interviewer Diane Sawyer's luscious lips, Keaton remarked, "I love them. I wish I had lips like that. I want them. Then I wouldn't have had to work on my f---ing personality." Oops.