2008's Hottest Bods

The women whose shapes made the news in '08.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_kurkova_450.jpg
    Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova's body caused two stirs this year. Stir #1: she was named Sexiest Woman by E! television. Stir #2: it was revealed she had no belly button, due to a navel hernia she had as a child that necessitated it be removed. But that didn't stop magazines from Photoshopping a belly button on her for their photo spreads. Strange world.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_megan_450.jpg
    Megan Fox was named one of GQ's "Men of the Year," the only woman so honored. Funny, she does not look like a dude.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_angie_450.jpg
    Angelina Jolie is perpetually one of the world's most gorgeous women, but in 2008, she especially wowed people with her post-twins physique.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_winslet_450.jpg
    Kate Winslet's Vanity Fair shoot caused quite a furor, first over her bare derriere, and second when she very publicly insisted said posterior had not been airbrushed.

    Vanity Fair
  • 1222081721_M_bods_kardashian_450.jpg
    Kim Kardashian threw her rump into the ring on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2008, but was unceremoniously booted in the first round.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_girlsnextdoor_450.jpg
    This was the year the three "Girls Next Door" broke up with their main squeeze, Hugh Hefner. Meaning no more weekly peeks into their Playboy Mansion existence, and their lingerie shopping sprees. Sniff.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_aniston.JPG
    Jennifer Aniston's GQ cover was 2008's most discussed, especially after she appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" and presented Dave with the red, white and blue tie that kept the magazine from going behind the counter.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_biel.JPG
    Jessica Biel made headlines when she revealed to the UK edition of GQ that her pretty face and body opened doors in Hollywood. You don't say!

  • 1222081721_M_bods_marisa_450.jpg
    Marisa Miller was 2008's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, and also ruled the runway during the Victoria's Secret Angels "fashion" show.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_scarlett_450.jpg
    Scarlett Johansson steamed up the screen in Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," and graced more red carpets than any other A-lister in 2008.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_tina_450.jpg
    Tina Fey was most famous in 2008 for looking just like Sarah Palin, but the "30 Rock" star and mother of one was also noticeable for not being afraid to show the sexy side of funny.

  • 1222081721_M_bods_tila_450.jpg
    2008 is the year that Tila Tequila went from weird Internet pin-up sensation to weird cable TV reality star. She also wrote a weird book!

  • 1222081721_M_bods_lindsay_450.jpg
    Lindsay Lohan's 2008 New York Magazine photo shoot, in which she channeled Marylin Monroe, crashed several servers at the magazine and at other sites that posted the pics, making her body so hot, not even the Internet could handle it.

    New York Magazine
  • 1222081721_M_bods_rihanna450.jpg
    Rihanna's risque performance at the 2008 American Music Awards in this tight black leather dominatrix outfit put the singer into the hot-bod spotlight.