Project Aiko

Man builds a robot woman

  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko.jpg
    Aiko, a 5-foot-tall robot built by Canadian inventor Le Trung. He describes her as 'the perfect woman.'
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko1.jpg
    Aiko and Le Trung touch fingers, perhaps reinacting their favorite 'E.T.' moment.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko2.jpg
    Aiko, a robot who can recognize faces and identify medication, frolics in the Canadian snow. Her maker, Le Trung, lives with his parents in Brampton, Ontario.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko3.jpg
    Aiko and her maker, Le Trung, pose for photos in Ontario.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko4.jpg
    Twilight in Ontario with Le Trung and Aiko.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko5.jpg
    All dressed up for an anime festival.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko6.jpg
    A look at Aiko's endoskeleton.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko7.jpg
    Aiko reporting for duty.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko8.jpg
    Aiko shows off a new toy, a universal remote.
  • 1211081240_M_121108_aiko9.jpg
    Aiko shows off a new toy, a universal remote.