Christie Hefner's Greatest Hits

Which covers sizzled under the Playboy CEO?

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    The August 1989 cover featured not only a spread of the women of Wall Street, but also the infamous interview with Mike Tyson where he noted that "the best punch [he] ever threw was at Robin Givens."

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    The August 1992 cover saluted the "all-American housewife" with a playmate holding a fork over a simmering stove in an evening gown.

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    As one of the most famous Playmates of the year, Anna Nicole Smith graced the cover of the June 1993 issue in a spread that evoked her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

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    Looking every bit the all-American girl, the then "Home Improvement" star Pam Anderson graced one of many covers in cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes.

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    In a comedic take on the mag, the September 1996 issue featured a cool bunny with images of a shirtless Uma Thurman at the beach.

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    Cementing her celebrity status, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese appeared on the December 2002 celebrity issue with the headline "The Return of Fetish."

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    To promote the film "The House Bunny," whose concept she created, actress Anna Faris appeared on the September 2008 cover of Playboy.

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    In a creative cover, the November 1988 issue of Playboy focused on sex in cinema, with a sexy Jessica Rabbit on the cover.

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    In an exlusive to Playboy, a 42-year-old Daryl Hannah appeared in a nude pictoral spread to promote "Kill Bill"

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    Taking Playboy into the television realm, Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and the stars of "The Girls Next Door," Hugh Hefner's girlfriends Bridget Marquart, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson appeared in a Novemeber 2005 cover.

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    Kim Kardashian graced the December 2007 cover of Playboy and was dubbed "Hollyood's New Sex Star."