Celestial Smiley Face

Planets, moon form friendly face in skies

  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_skyline.jpg
    Elvita Pusparini took this photo of the smiling sky, top left, above Port Melbourne in the state of Victoria. The smile is formed by Venus, Jupiter and a crescent moon.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_brown.jpg
    Stephen and Suzanne Blair of Townsville in the northern part of the state of Queensland got this picture of the 'smiley face' in a reddish-brown evening sky.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_blue_left.jpg
    Holly Gray took this picture of the smiley face from the Festival Towers apartment complex in Brisbane, capital of Queensland.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_black.jpg
    Dave and Michelle Noonan of Modanville, a rural community in the state of New South Wales, got this image of the smiley face in the night sky.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_moon_black.jpg
    The unlit part of the moon is visible in this photograph taken by Dean Stalker of Riverhills, a suburb of Brisbane.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_blue_right.jpg
    Scott Chaney took this image of the smiley face in the Australian evening sky.

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  • 1201080951_M_oz_smiley_blue_cent.jpg
    Tracy Shiffman snapped this photo of a nearly vertical smiley face hanging in the evening sky.

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