• 0424091008_M_1_21_042409_nail_gun.jpg
    An X-ray shows multiple nails embedded in the skull of murder victim Chen Liu. His decomposed body of the 27-year-old, also known as Anthony Liu, was found dumped in the Georges River in Sydney, Australian in November 2008, wrapped in a domestic rug. Australian Detective Inspector Mark Newham said that post-mortem examination results had showed Liu was shot repeatedly in the head up to 30 times with a high-powered nail gun.

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    April 1, 2009: The CAT scan of Emerson de Oliveira Abreu, a man who came to the hospital with a spear stuck in his head after a diving accident, is shown on a monitor at the Adao Pereira Nunes state hospital in Duque de Caxias, Brazil. After, doctors surgically removed the 6-inch spear from his brain. Abreu is in stable condition.

  • 0402090940_M_450_BOY_SPEARED.jpg
    Six-year-old Mehul Kumar was speared through the torso with a 6-foot iron rod. The boy, from Jharkand, India, was rushed to the hospital after he impaled himself falling off a terrace and onto a rod. The boy was fully conscious when he arrived at the hospital. Doctors removed the rod during a 4-hour operation and said he had lost a lot of blood and suffered some injuries, but "nothing major."

  • 0115091247_M_CEN_KnifeInHead_350.jpg
    January 2009: Thirty-eight-year-old Wen Wen walked into a hospital with a 5-inch blade buried in his head. One nurse fainted at the clinic in Xi'an, central China, as Wen strolled in with the handle poking out of his head and casually answered questions about his injury.

    Central European News
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    January 2009: The blade sunk into Wen's head above his right ear, down into the nasal cavity and finally emerged into his mouth. It narrowly missed several major arteries, blood vessels and nerves. One medic said: "He's incredibly lucky. He could walk and talk perfectly and he will make a full recovery. One or two centimetres in another direction, though, and he would be dead."

    Central European News
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    July 15, 2008: Luis Zarate, 38, went to doctors with severe stomach pain. Doctors were stunned when an X-ray revealed that the man had swallowed a knife, nails, screws, a watch and even barbed wire.

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    July 15, 2008: A doctor points to the X-ray of Luis Zarate in this undated photo.

  • 1112081601_M_103008_bullet_nose1_350.jpg
    Oct. 30, 2008: Daniel Greenwood, 19, of Manchester, England, shown in this undated photo, survived being shot in the head at close range as he struggled with robber who had pulled a gun on him.

    Hospital-Provided Photo
  • 1114081057_M_1_22_103008_bullet_nose2_350.jpg
    Oct. 30, 2008: Dr. Sarah Jarvis told Sky News that Daniel Greenwood had a lucky escape. "The nose is mainly made up of cartilage, but at the top you have got bone," she said. "If you point a gun straight up a nostril, a bullet would have to travel through a lot of bone in order to get into the skull. Bone is hard and very strong, so in this case it sounds like it slowed the bullet down enough not to have been fatal."

    Hospital-Provided Photo
  • 1112081601_M_111208_knife_head1_450.jpg
    Sept. 30, 2008: An X-ray of a teen with a knife lodged in his head is seen in this undated handout photo released by the Metropolitan Police in London.

    REUTERS/Metropolitan Police/Handout
  • 1112081601_M_111208_knife_head2_350.jpg
    Sept. 30, 2008: Police released shocking X-ray images of a 16-year-old with a knife lodged in his head after a stabbing in London to serve as a warning about the dangers of knife crime.

    REUTERS/Metropolitan Police/Handout
  • 1112081601_M_111208_nail_head1_350.jpg
    June 10, 2008: An x-ray showing a nail lodged in the head of George Chandler of Shawnee, Kan.

    AP Photo/The Kansas City Star, Susan Pfannmuller
  • 1112081601_M_111208_nail_head_guy_450.jpg
    June 10, 2008: George Chandler of Shawnee, Kan.,shows the x-rays of a nail lodged in his head. Chandler and a friend were working on a project when a nail gun hose became tangled, causing the powerful tool to fire one nail. Chandler said he told his friend he didn't know where the nail went, but he felt a sting on the top of his head.

    AP Photo/The Kansas City Star, Susan Pfannmuller
  • 1112081601_M_111208_bottle_xray_1_450.jpg
    Nov. 21, 2007: An X-ray of a glass bottle lodged in a man's lower abdomen is seen at the Nishtar hospital in Multan, Pakistan.

    REUTERS/Asim Tanveer
  • 1112081601_M_111208_knife_head_split_450.jpg
    The teenager was taken to hospital with the blade still stuck just above his eye after the attack outside a Tesco supermarket in Southwark that took place in November 2007.

    REUTERS/Metropolitan Police/Handout
  • 1112081601_M_111208_bottle_xray_2_450.jpg
    Nov. 21, 2007: Dr. Abdul Manan, a surgeon at the Nishtar hospital in Multan, points to x-rays of a glass bottle lodged in a man's lower abdomen. A 60-year-old man came to the hospital to have the Pepsi bottle removed, after he said he was assualted by thieves.

    REUTERS/Asim Tanveer
  • 1112081601_M_111208_bottle_xray_3_450.jpg
    Nov. 21, 2007: Dr. Abdul Manan points to an x-ray of a glass bottle lodged in a 60-year-old man's lower abdomen.

    REUTERS/Asim Tanveer
  • 1112081601_M_111208_phone_stomach_450.jpg
    Sept. 7, 2006: An undated X-Ray shows a cell phone in a Salvadoran prisoner's lower intestine.

    REUTERS/Salvadoran Interior Ministry/Handout