The Evolution of 'Spore'

Computer game traces development of life

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    Spore players start their creatures out as small sea-borne animals...

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    ... which gradually get bigger.

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    Eventually the creatures move onto land....

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    ... where they encounter other animals....

    AP/Electronic Arts
  • 0910081349_M_spore_shot_5.jpg
    ... interact with them ...

    AP/Electronic Arts
  • 0910081349_M_spore_shot_11.jpg
    ... sometimes hunt them ...

    AP/Electronic Arts
  • 0910081349_M_spore_shot_7.jpg
    ... or just end up being curious.

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    The next step is the Tribal phase, where creatures become intelligent and form societies ...

    AP/Electronic Arts
  • 0910081349_M_spore_screen_shot_2.jpg
    ... and then enter the Civilization phase, where they build cities and engage in trade with other civilizations.

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    But trade can lead to conflict ...

    AP/Electronic Arts
  • 0910081349_M_spore_shot_9.jpg
    ... which gets more high-tech over time.

    AP/Electronic Arts
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    Finally, the creatures move out into the universe in the Space phase.

    Electronic Arts