Tropical Storm Gustav

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    Aug. 28: Gary Foster, left, helps employees Percival Spencer, right, and Winston Ford cut steel sheeting to cover windows on his home, in preparation for Tropical storm Gustav, in Vista del Mar, Grand Cayman Island.

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    Aug. 27: John McDonnell of Biloxi, Miss., stocks up on gasoline in anticipation of Tropical Storm Gustav becoming a hurricane and affecting southern Mississippi. McDonnell, whose house flooded in Hurricane Katrina, said 'If I need it for the generators, I got it. If I don't I can put it in the truck when the gas prices go up.'

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    Aug. 28: Workers secure the wing of a small plane in an area where aircraft were being moved from a nearby airport to a safer location, in preparation for Tropical storm Gustav, in George Town, Grand Cayman Island.

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    Graphic shows the projected path of Tropical Storm Gustav

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    Aug. 28: This image provided by NOAA taken at 3:45 a.m. EDT shows Tropical Storm Gustav located about 80 miles east of Kingston, Jamaica. Gustav is moving toward the southwest near 8 mph. The center of Gustav is expected to pass very close to Jamaica later today.

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    Aug. 27: Reginald Lee cuts grass around white flags that represent people who died during Hurricane Katrina at Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans. Area residents are keeping a close eye on Gustav, which forecasters are predicting could hit somewhere along the Gulf Coast as early as Monday, and officials are making plans early to evacuate people, pets and hospitals in an attempt to avoid a Katrina-style chaos.

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    Aug. 27: Contractor Lawson "Sonny" Brannan discusses his plans for approaching storm Gustav in New Orleans.

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    Aug. 27: 1 A woman, carrying their tongs and a bag, covering herself with an umbrella, walks through a flooded street during heavy rains caused by Hurricane Gustav in Leogan, southern Haiti.

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    Aug. 27: Residents bail out water with buckets at the flooded front of a house during heavy rains caused by Hurricane Gustav in Leogan, southern Haiti.

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    Aug. 27: Tropical Storm Gustav is seen in a NOAA satellite image.

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    August 27: The projected track of Gustav.
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    Aug. 26: A lightning storm is visible in an eastern band of the Hurricane Gustav storm system in the distance off the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hurricane Gustav dumped torrential rains across southern Haiti on Tuesday, killing at least one man and threatening crops amid protests over high food prices.

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    Aug. 26: A man, carrying a rooster, walks through a flooded street during heavy rains caused by Hurricane Gustav in Port-au-Prince. Gustav barreled into Haiti toppling trees, dumping rain and sending fuel prices soaring on fears the storm could become 'extremely dangerous' when it reaches the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Aug. 26: A woman works in a flooded street caused by Hurricane Gustav at a market in Port-au-Prince.

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    Aug. 26: People cover themselves from rain caused by Hurricane Gustav in Port-au-Prince.

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    Aug. 25: People walk through the rain caused by Tropical Storm Gustav in Port-au-Prince.