Naughty Corner: Celebrity Mugshots

  • 0919080948_M_oneal_ryan_mug_08.jpg
    Sept. 17, 2008: Ryan O'Neal in his arrest photo.

  • 1205061143_M_celb_12.jpg
    Jan. 12, 2005: 'Lost' actress Michelle Rodriguez arrested on drunk driving charges in Honolulu.

  • 1205061143_M_celb1.jpg
    July 28, 2006: Mel Gibson seen in a booking photo after being arrested on drunken driving charges in Los Angeles.

  • 1205061143_M_celb2.jpg
    Sept. 11, 2002: Nick Nolte after arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

  • 1205061143_M_celb3.jpg
    Sept. 20, 2003: Michael Jackson mugshot from Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.

  • 1205061143_M_celb4.jpg
    June 17, 2004: Police booking photo of O.J. Simpson.

  • 1205061143_M_celb5.jpg
    June 27, 1995: Hugh Grant arrested for solicitation of prostitute Divine Brown.
  • 1205061143_M_celb6.jpg
    Jan. 7, 1961: Al Pacino, age 21, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.
  • 1205061143_M_celb7.jpg
    November 1999: Both Dennis Rodman and his wife Carmen Electra were arrested in Miami Beach on charges of domestic violence.

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  • 1205061143_M_celb8.jpg
    Oct. 25, 1999: Matthew McConaughey arrested for resisting arrest after police discover marijuana in his Austin, Texas, home.
  • 1205061143_M_celb9.jpg
    Oct. 6, 2003: Mugshot of Kimberly Mathers, on-and-off wife of Eminem, after arrest on drug charges.

  • 1205061157_M_celb10.jpg
    Feb. 16, 2005: Kid Rock seen in Nashville police department booking photo.

  • 1205061143_M_celb_11.jpg
    May 24, 1997: Tim Allen after drunk driving arrest.

  • 0716081252_M_dick_andy_mug.jpg
    July 16, 2008: Andy Dick is shown after being arrested for suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery in Murrieta, Calif.

  • 1205061143_M_celb_13.jpg
    Sept. 18, 2004: Macaulay Culkin arrested for possession of controlled dangerous substance without a prescription and possession of marijuana.

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  • 1205061143_M_celb_14.jpg
    July 1996: Lil' Kim arrested by New Jersey cops and charged with possession of marijuana.

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  • 1205061143_M_celb_15.jpg
    October 2002: Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett photographed by Minnesota cops after being charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment.

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  • 1205061143_M_torn_rip_mugshot1.jpg
    Dec. 4: Actor Rip Torn following his arrest on drunk driving charges in North Salem, N.Y.