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  • Jun 26, 2012

    Read an excerpt from Eric Metaxas' new book, 'Jesus Hates Dead Religion'

    I don’t know about you, but in my life thus far, I haven’t often had the opportunity to speak in front of the president of the United States. Or to chit-chat with the vice president or to publicly pretend the former Speaker of the House is my wife or to lead thirty-five hundred people in singing “Amazing Grace.” A capella. But unless I dreamed it, I did have the opportunity to do all these things once. It was at something called the National Prayer Breakfast.

  • Apr 21, 2012

    The man who defeated Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler's birthday was once widely celebrated all over Germany in April. How is it that one man slunk to his death defeated and is today despised by the whole world, while another man went to his death with God's peace, and is today everywhere hailed as a hero, as one of the few Germans with the courage to see what was happening and to speak against it and act against it, even at the cost of his own life?