Michelle Cox

Michelle Cox'is the award-winning bestselling author of "Just 18 Summers" (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., April 1, 2014) and (releasing fall 2016) "God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box" and "God Glimpses from the Toolbox." Visit her at www.just18summers.com.

Latest from Michelle Cox

  • Nov 25, 2016

    A family is born

    We’ve all seen pictures of the sweet hospital scenes where dads hold their newborn babies for the first time. But that’s not how it happened for Cecil Stokes of Huntersville, North Carolina. His bouncing baby boy was eight-years-old the first time he got to hold him.

  • Dec 01, 2013

    This Christmas, start a cherished tradition with ornaments

    When our first son, Jeremy, was born, my husband and I decided to begin some special Christmas traditions. I told my husband, "Let's buy an ornament for each year of Jeremy's life. When he gets engaged, we'll give them to him and his fiancée at their bridal shower."