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  • Jan 29, 2017

    60 years later, a plane crash and a jail prove ‘a blessing’ for one survivor

    On Feb. 1, 1957, Miami-bound Northeast Airlines Flight 823 took off from New York’s La Guardia Airport in near-blizzard conditions. Less than a minute later, its twisted wreckage lay engulfed in flames in a jail yard in a wreck that killed 20 and remains one of the most enigmatic crashes in aviation history.

  • Mar 06, 2014

    Don’t just fix the SAT – scrap it!

    The announcement that the College Board will give the SAT a makeover, the first revamp in a decade, is a welcome step toward the ultimate transformation: an end to the college entrance exam.

  • Aug 04, 2013

    A baseball game where the players are underhanded and the only juice is Tropicana

    This is 1864 base ball (two words in keeping with the era’s lexicon), and while Major League Baseball stars like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun do their part to crush the game's good name, the men -- and women -- of the Vintage Base Ball Association are playing by different rules, showcasing America’s pastime in 9-inning contests to educate the public on the early history of the game they love.