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Gretchen's Take: Clinton vs Trump on the issues


A new Quinnipiac poll showing a head to head matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shows Hillary on top with some of the major issues facing our nation such as, immigration, making the right decisions with nuclear weapons, and international crises. On the other hand, here are areas where Trump did better than Hillary.

According to the poll, voters say 44-39 percent that Trump is more honest and trustworthy; 49-39 percent that he is a stronger leader; 48-39 percent that he is more inspiring; 44-39 percent that he is honest and trustworthy; 49-45 percent that he is a stronger leader; and 48-39 percent that he is more inspiring.

A few thoughts on this; people often vote on emotion, not necessarily issues, and Trump's winning in the emotional categories right now.

He's also winning with independents 40-37 percent-- albeit less than the last major national poll, but that's important because independents decide every election.

Finally, according to the poll, Trump would be better at creating jobs, 52-41 percent.

I've said it before, and I’ll say it again. In the end, almost always, people vote with their pocketbooks, and up until now, I don't remember seeing any poll that shows Hillary winning there.