Gretchen's Take

Gretchen's Take: Let's give our vets nothing but the best this Memorial Day weekend



May is Military Appreciation month and Monday is Memorial Day. Here on “The Real Story” we've been pro-active about honoring our veterans and bringing you their stories because of their sacrifice to keep us safe.  Ironically, this Memorial Day as we are saying thank you -- we are also still asking many questions about how our country cares for our veterans.

Yes, there are many great organizations out there that raise money and help out our vets ... but that's juxtaposed with the problems that still plague the Veterans Administration.

Just this week the VA secretary said those astonishing comments comparing wait times at Disney to wait times for veterans.

Have we learned nothing from the last two years of whistleblowers telling us about the conditions at VA hospitals and the ridiculous wait times for veterans that have been exposed? On this Memorial Day weekend, let's all pledge to not stand for anything but fantastic treatment for our veterans. And, of course, please remember to say thank you to them again and again.