Gretchen's Take

Gretchen's Take: People are sick of political talk

No one has figured out how to go up against Trump and win


Going into the Indiana results tonight -- here's where I think the race changed in the last week.

The so called alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich was a flop -- not the idea of the alliance itself--but the way in which it was designed to play out. When Cruz and Kasich were asked about it, and wouldn't even admit to it, that put the nail in the coffin.

News flash - people are sick of political talk. They just want the truth.

Momentum: it’s human nature for people to want to pick a winner. With so much talk that Indiana will be the make or break state; I believe the momentum shifted to Donald Trump - the only candidate with the math to win before the convention.

Finally, the bottom line: no one has figured out how to go up against Trump and win.

Rubio played nice, then attacked, and dropped out. Cruz was nice at first, but now is in serious attack mode -- and is that working any better?

That's why I don't think anyone knows what would really happen in a Trump vs. Clinton match-up.