Will the dialogue between the Pope and Donald Trump help or hurt the presidential candidate? Monmouth University polls have delved deep into the religion issue -- specifically looking into religious support for Donald Trump in the last few months and also views on the Pope preaching politics.

In a recent poll asking if the pope should stay out of politics, nearly half of Catholic Republicans were polled.

48-percent said the pope should keep his views on immigration to himself.

In the same poll, a whopping 76-percent of Catholic Republicans said they favored building a wall across the Mexican border, and 61-percent of those Catholic Republicans approved of trump's immigration plan.

Yes those polls were before the recent exchange of comments -- but based on those numbers, one could assume any kind of dust up with the Pope on immigration will turn out to be a good -- not a bad thing -- for Trump. In addition, many American’s believe the Pope should stick to separation of church and state -- and stay out of politics.