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Gretchen's Take: Why Sarah Palin's endorsement is important

Former GOP vice presidential nominee's endorsement of Donald Trump made the perfect storm in Iowa


Endorsements to me have lost their impact over the last few election cycles. For example, when endorsements are combined with other criteria, there are a few that can still make a difference in the political arena. Yesterday's endorsement of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin is important for three big reasons: number one -- Palin still has a tremendous amount of followers in the conservative camp who tend to listen to who she might select. Number two -- timing. We are less than two weeks away from the Iowa caucus, which is when voters are finally starting to pay attention, and the undecided voters are starting to make up their minds - and that’s a significant group. Lastly, the number three here is, I think Palin's endorsement of Trump hurts Ted Cruz a lot more than it helps Trump. Palin endorsed Cruz for his senate seat and since he's still the same conservative candidate many assumed she'd back him once again. The idea that she went with Trump over Cruz is a dagger to Cruz's campaign. Combined with Iowa Governor Terry Bransted telling voters a Cruz win would be bad, made yesterday a really bad day for Cruz. Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump mixed with other factors made yesterday the perfect storm in Iowa, and could completely change the momentum of the GOP race in the first contest.