Gretchen's Take

Gretchen's Take: Losing helps us appreciate success



It was a bummer to be a Minnesota Vikings fan yesterday! Minnesota was down 10-9 to the Seahawks, but driving with a minute left in the game -- has a chance to close it out with a simple 27-yard field goal.

The reactions from the announcers and fans said it all. No one could believe it.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said, "It's a chip shot. He's got to make it." Walsh himself, whose converted 33 of 34 kicks from inside the 30-yard line in his career took full blame.

He also said this, "I know I'm one of the best kickers in the league. I have to take it in stride and come back. It's just one of those days."

We've all had one of those days. Maybe not ones that play out on national TV, and determine whether a team makes it to the super bowl or not, but days where we experience failures -- big or small. Yeah, I'm bummed the Vikings are out, but I'm a believer that failure helps us to appreciate success. I hope Blair Walsh gets another chance to "take it in stride and come back". This Minnesota Vikings fan will be cheering for him.