Thankful Nation

The talisman that makes me feel thankful every day of the year

Author Cathy Maxwell (William Morrow)

Author Cathy Maxwell (William Morrow)

I wear a band on my right wrist that says, “Damn Lucky.”  Yup, it is a reminder. I’m disappointed by the number of times I forget how blessed I am:  I live a life of abundance filled with people who love me. I am doing exactly what I wish for a living and am free to say what is on my mind. My days are productive and full.

However, I’m also human. I will veer toward discontent given the opportunity.  “Damn Lucky” reminds me to keep every day occurrences and petty setbacks into perspective. It is my talisman to stop and count my blessings, to be grateful and to live in the moment.  That is a hefty job for a ring of silver, but it works.

See, gratitude is more than realizing how fortunate I am.  Gratitude is the gateway drug to love. I’m convinced healthy Love can’t exist without it.  I have discovered that the meaningful relationships in my life needed, no, required a dose of my being aware of my blessings.  

First, the recognition makes me an easier person to live with. Every time my heart opens to thankfulness, a sense that all is right in the world rushes in.  I become kinder, more peaceful, less fearful.  I become willing to share.

I’ve wallowed in the alternative and life became a drudge. Instead, I prefer to embrace what empowers me and for that, I am very grateful.

Secondly, gratitude forces me out of self-absorption—which is such a love killer. The mundane takes on purpose when I think outside myself.  For example, I’m not just raking leaves or doing the laundry; I’m tending and making right my piece of the world. I’m not just cooking dinner; I’m nourishing my family.  I’m not just going to work; I’m offering my talent to society, I’m making connections with other people, I’m playing my part in a community.  Such a small shift of thinking and yet one that gives me big results.

Is it Pollyannaish? Absolutely.

But I’ve wallowed in the alternative and life became a drudge.  Instead, I prefer to embrace what empowers me and for that, I am very grateful.

I am damn lucky.

Cathy Maxwell believes love is so important, she devotes her writing to it. She is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty historical romances.  She also enjoys penning pieces for Click here to order her latest novel, "The Match of the Century." Fans can contact Cathy at