Gretchen's Take: Why the next debates are important

Voters will continue to evaluate and observe and hone in on a decision


Earlier we showed you the results of the new Fox News poll with Trump on top at 26 percent, Carson second at 23 percent, Cruz and Rubio both at 11 percent. Digging deeper, what's the most important issue GOP primary voters are looking at when deciding who to vote for?

Yep ... as almost always ... the economy with security and immigration numbers two and three. No two ways about it. This helps Trump because when primary voters are asked who is the most qualified to handle the economy ..

Trump is way out ahead on top at 42 percent., Cruz second way down at 10 percent, and Carson at 9 percent. When asked which candidate could most likely beat Hillary Clinton? Again Trump by a wide margin at 37 percent. Ben Carson at 18 percent, and Marco Rubio at 11 percent.

It's interesting to compare that finding to the Quinniapiac Poll we talked about Wednesday that showed Christie, Carson, Cruz and Rubio all beating Hillary Clinton head to head -- but Trump losing to her. To me, it signals just how important the next debates will be as voters continue to evaluate and observe and hone in on a decision.