Gretchen's Take: Iowa GOP polls don't tell the whole story

Hawkeye State primary voters are very different from other states


We've discussed on 'The Real Story' how Iowans feel about the Republicans in the presidential field at least right ... with polls showing Trump and Carson either tied or Carson now on top.

But Iowa primary voters are very different from New Hampshire voters or even South Carolina and you can see the following polls:

In New Hampshire among registered voters, in a new CBS poll -- Donald Trump still has a commanding lead with 38 percent of the vote. Carson second at 12, Bush at 8 and Fiorina at 7.

And check out South Carolina, where Trump has an even bigger lead over Carson- 40 to 23 percent, Ted Cruz at 8 and Marco Rubio at 7.

Some people might argue New Hampshire numbers are more emblematic of what the country as a whole is thinking -- since the votes are usually based not as much on evangelical issues but a cross section of issues.

Still, Trump won't give up the fight to try and win Iowa -- by going now after Ben Carson like he did Jeb Bush. Whether or not it works like it appears to have worked against Bush remains to be seen.