Gretchen's Take: Why I'm not surprised by Biden's decision

Three factors are keeping the VP on the sidelines in 2016



I may be one of the few not surprised by VP Joe Biden's decision to not run for President.

As we chronicled here on 'The Real Story' over the last few weeks he had to be sitting back looking at the playing field from afar and we here at 'The Real Story' said his decision would depend on three factors:

Number one - how Hillary Clinton performed in the first Democratic debate. Strike one against Biden - she did well.

Number two -- how she was faring in the polls. Strike two - especially after a strong debate performance -- HRC went up by as much as 12 points.

Number three - how Hillary Clinton performed in front of the Benghazi select committee tomorrow. Well that hasn't happened yet. So who knows how she will do.

And who knows what Biden's real reasons are for not taking the plunge. But now we will have No more speculation or countdowns to Biden's big news.

The real story is Biden will soon no longer be the latest buzz.