I like the idea of "No B.S. backyard barbecues!" and I think Senator Scott Brown's series with politicians has hit on a nerve in America right now -- that at this point in the election cycle -- tons of American voters don't want any B.S. 

It all makes sense then when you add up the numbers in the most recent polls -- the non-politicians -- from Donald Trump to Ben Carson, to Carly Fiorina and Sen. Ted Cruz (whom many see as a Washington outsider) --  are getting the majority of the "vote" -- at 60 percent.

So my question today is this: Is there a difference in being a politican with just a little experience and being a total non- politicians?

I think the answer could be yes this time around.

Remember, just eight years ago Barack Obama's inexperience was seen as a major negative -- not a positive. And it could be why someone like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio -- not a  politician with a lot of experience -- or even Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul -- are not doing as well in the polls. 

So far, 2016 is the year of the non-politician -- and that's why "No B.S backyard barbecues" series could still be popular... even in the winter.