Time now for "My Take"... with a comparison between favorability and familiarity in the new Gallup presidential poll for GOP contenders. The poll has some pretty fascinating results.

Let's look at familiarity first: No surprise here. Donald Trump tops the list -- the most well-known candidate in the field -- growing from 92 percent in July to 94 percent now. But look at number two: Jeb Bush -- he was at 81 percent in July and is even higher now at 85 percent.

Then there's New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- 72 percent in July and 78 percent now.

But being well-known is certainly no indicator of being liked.

Check out the same poll's net numbers for favorability.

Number one on the list -- Dr. Ben Carson growing from 40 percent in July to 51 percent now. Then Sen. Marco Rubio staying constant at 42 percent in July and now. Then Texas Sen. Ted Cruz growing from 34 percent to 41 percent now.

But look what happens to Jeb Bush and Chris Christie -- where high familiarity doesnt translate to favorability -- Bush fell from 27 percent in July to 19 percent now with Christie going from 6 percent in July to zero!

So what about Donald Trump? His favorability continues to climb. from 20 percent in July to 32 percent now.

The next big determinant -- the next presidential debate will be held in two weeks -- where the big question will be -- will anyone be able to slow down the Trump surge?