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Gretchen's Take: Will he or won't he? Trump's bid decision


Will he or won't he?

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has a big decision to make today. Trump will meet with RNC chair Reince Preibus in New York City about signing the "pledge" to promise to support the Republican nominee for president (if it is not Trump) and more importantly for the RNC -- pledge to not run as a third party candidate.

Every other GOP candidate in the field has vowed to sign the pledge or has done so already -- but why wouldn't they? None have the bravado of a Trump to make any kind of a case as an independent voice.

So will Trump do it? I say yes -- especially with Dr. Ben Carson now tied with him for first place at 23 percent in the latest poll out of Iowa.

I also think signing the pledge takes a huge hit away from other candidates at the next GOP debate in two weeks.

If Trump doesn't sign the pledge they could have gone after him for not being a true Republican and handing the election to the Democrats if he decided to run as an independent.

But -- Donald Trump is always full of surprises and defies conventional wisdom almost daily.

Be sure to tune into "The Real Story" today at 2 ET to hear Trump himself with his decision.